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What To Expect

Schedule a Consultation

Choosing a healthcare professional is an important decision. We offer complimentary consultations so you can visit the office, ask questions, and meet your doctor to learn more about what we do without any financial obligation or other commitment. Our goal on this visit is to ensure you would receive the care that will meet your health needs. During this visit, you can expect a brief history and physical assessment to pre-qualify you for care.

Day 1

If you have not previously consulted with us, your doctor will meet with you and give a consultation specific to our office. This includes a pertinent health history and chiropractic exam. If a spinal misalignment is found three x-rays of the upper cervical spine will be taken. At this point, your visit is complete, and if not already scheduled, you will be asked to set up an appointment for your first spinal correction at the earliest possible time - preferably within 1-2 days. (For patients who travel from long distances, visits 1 and 2 can be scheduled on the same day for your convenience.) Your doctor will analyze your x-rays to determine exactly how to correct your specific misalignment and prepare for the next visit.

Day 2

Your doctor will review your exam and X-ray findings with you. We will answer any questions that you may have. At this point, the first spinal correction will be made. This is an extremely gentle and precise movement of the C-1 vertebrae back to its proper position. Once the correction is complete, two post x-rays will be taken. These images will then be analyzed to determine if your misalignment is being corrected according to plan or needs to be changed in any way. All patients are asked to rest for 15 minutes following your spinal corrections to let muscles relax and the body accept its new position.

Subsequent Visits

Your doctor will determine if you are misaligned and in need of a spinal correction. If so, a correction will be made. However, if your body remained balanced and you are 'holding' your correction, spinal stability is estimated and your doctor will recommend your next appointment date. In monitoring your progress through the follow-up visits, we can determine the stability of your spine. Your doctor may recommend a maintenance schedule where we would see you less frequently while maintaining your healing progress.

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