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Lifelong migraines resolved!
Upper Cervical Care Help For Walking Issues, Feet And Leg Numbness, And Tingling
Effective And Gentle Chiropractic Care In Broken Arrow For Severe Facial Pain
Getting Rid Of Severe Headaches through NUCCA Spinal Corrections
High Blood Pressure
Thanks for fixing me on Friday. By the next morning I was totally free of headache and queasiness.

It's rare that I come in because of pain. As you probably remember, I first came in because of the report on Good Morning America that with many people, upper cervical chiropractic influences blood pressure. I am one of the fortunate ones! My need for blood pressure medicine was significantly reduced following my first visit. Since I've already had a stroke, and the medicine makes me feel bad, this relieves my mind a great deal.

My late husband cared as much about his patients' pocketbooks as about their health. I believe, after talking to your wife, that you are such a man. One visit a month while I'm holding my alignment is well worth it just for the reassurance. Thanks!
God bless you,
Broken Arrow, OK
MRI negative, but Debilitating Pain
For several months I was in extreme pain (hip, down the leg, and knee) where I could not walk or stand for any length of time. I had been going to another upper cervical doctor in the area but after many adjustments I had absolutely no relief. Medical doctors only prescribed pain medication (a narcotic, by the way) and it didn’t even take the pain away—it only took the edge off. An MRI was done and did not show much of a problem. After about 3 adjustments with Dr. Trapp I had relief, not total, but enough that I could start decreasing the pain medication. I was also able to stand and walk further as the days came. And as the next few weeks unfolded I can go longer and longer between adjustments with very little pain medication. Thank you, Dr. Trapp!
God bless you,
Dan M.
Broken Arrow, OK
Sleepless Nights
For years I suffered with major back and back related problems. It had been years since I had slept through the night. My arms and hands would go numb. My legs ached. I had a dull headache 24 hours a day and ....many more problems. Now I'm 43 years old and feel younger than when I was 30. I had tried conventional chiropractic care but never had lasting relief. In fact, I don't feel I received any benefit. I spent thousand of dollars, all a waste. Nobody was more skeptical than I when I came to you but I was desperate to find relief. I thank God for leading me to you and thank you for your patience dealing with someone as skeptical as I was. It is a privilege to recommend your services and you are certainly welcome to give any skeptic my phone number.
Broken Arrow, Oklahoma
Worth the Drive
I bowl in a league, and have mentioned to several, the NUCCA method and the merits of it. They are astonished when they learn how far we drive to go for chiropractic. I tell them this is a special, scientific kind of work, and that they really need to experience it, that I would trust no other but a NUCCA chiropractor. The truth is, that unless I'd had caring friends who urged me to go, after my skull was fractured...I might not have either. I am just ever grateful that I discovered this superior method!
Jasper, Arkansas
When I first came to Dr. Trapp, I was in constant pain from head to toe. Much of the pain was due to arthritis, but the back pain was from a misalignment in my lower back. My hip and knee joints ached and I had swelling and soreness of my finger joints. From time to time I would have numbness in my arms and legs and severe muscle spasms. I knew one hip was higher than the other. I could not walk without limping due to stiffness in my hips and the catch in my back. It was also very difficult to bend or stoop.

Within hours after my first adjustment, I was pain free. The stiffness was gone and I could walk easily. I have not had stiffness, or muscle spasms since my alignment. even the swelling in my finger joints was gone within a couple of days. I can sit and sleep in positions that were not possible before the alignment. I have not had numbness in my arms. It has been at least 10 years since I have felt this well.
Wagoner, Oklahoma
Tourette's Syndrome
When my son was 9 years old, he was diagnosed with Tourette Syndrome. He did alot of head shaking, eye blinking, clicking his teeth, and sometimes he would roll one shoulder back. He also made alot of noises, clicking with his mouth and humming. We took him to Children's Medical Center to a Neurologist. The doctor put him on medication to slow his metabolism down, that made him tired and he gained 30 lbs. We then decided to take him to a Nutritionialist, where we learned he was allergic to several things. What they could do didn't seem to help.

Then we found Dr. Trapp, we there learned that my son's atlas bone in his neck was not straight. Dr. Trapp did some adjustments on him and the symptoms that he had are much better and some of them he no longer has.

It was well worth it, my son is now 12 years old.
Tahlequah, Oklahoma
I have Fibromyalgia. When I heard about Upper Cervical Care, I was very skeptical. How could a simple, painless procedure fix what I had been suffering with for years? It sounded too good to be true. After my first adjustment, leaving the office, I told my husband if this is all it does and not anything else, it was well worth it! The pain in my knees and hips was gone. Over the next few days, I kept improving. My energy level is much better. I am gettting my life back. I had to quit my work over three years ago because of my health. Now the world is opening up to me again. No more pain killers, no more muscle relaxers, no more steroid shots, just to be able to function. My pain is not gone, but is manageable without medication.

I can't put into words my gratitude to Dr. Trapp and his staff. They have treated me with care and concern from the first time I walked through the door.
Tina W.
Broken Arrow, Oklahoma
Chronic Pain
Several years ago, I started having episodes of pain in the left side of my neck, I assumed I had slept crooked and was relieved when the pain would leave within 3 or 4 days.

As time went on, the neck pain came more frequently and sometimes lasted a couple of weeks...I did not have much faith in doctors so I spent alot of time with a heating pad or a cold pack and just hoped for the best. The pain was acute, but then it did eventually go away. I reasoned this time that maybe the pain was occupational. As a Barber, I sometimes held my arms up for long periods of time and held my body in precarious positions to add just the right touch to a haircut.

One day the pain came and did not leave. After 6 months, I sought out every kind of medical help I could find. I started with my family physician and saw numerous specialists. When a friend heard about a "Upper Cervical" treatment ... I was too despondent to try yet another doctor. When you are living with chronic pain, it begins to affect your spirit and there is a hopelessness which begins to set in. Fortunately, my friend made the appointment and even offered to drive me.

My first visit with Dr. Trapp was on a Monday. After leaving his office that day, my pocketbook was lighter, but the pain was not. I recall, I cried on the way home. The disappointment was hard to bare. On Wednesday morning when I woke up the pain was gone. You can not image the joy and freedom I experienced on that day. Not only did I have a neck free from pain, but I also had hope again. It was like seeing life through new eyes.

Today is Thanksgiving. I am remembering my caring friend. I am remembering to be Thankful for the measure of health I have and I am also grateful for the help I have found at Trapp Spinal Care.
Tulsa, Oklahoma
Lower Back Pain
The man I work for referred me to you because you had helped him as well as his brother. Both of them had described the way you make adjustments to get the body back in alignment and they both praised you for the results they had received. I must admit that I was a little skeptical about your procedures as described to me. It just did not seem possible that so much relief from pain and discomfort could come from such minor, or one might even describe as gentle adjustments.

When I came into your office I was very sore and stiff in my lower back and I could not stand up straight. After your adjustment I had immediate relief from the stiffness. I was still sore but that left in about four days. I have been back to see you twice since my original adjustment and so far my adjustment is holding and I still feel great! You told me that only about 10-15% of people stay adjusted the first time so it seems like maybe I am one of those folks.

I want to thank you for what you have done for me. I certainly will not hesitate to come see you again if I ever feel like I'm getting out of adjustment. Another thing that impressed me was how you and your staff were so nice. That is something that one should not take for granted today. Most doctors offices I have been in made me feel like a head of cattle just being herded through. You and your staff answered all my questions and took the time to listen as well as talk. That is truly appreciated by me. Thanks again, and God bless.
Ft. Smith, Arkansas
Sinus & Thyroid Problems
Thank you for opening my eyes to the benefits of NUCCA. I realize that everybody is different....however, for me, I noticed a positive change right after my first adjustment.

- the pressure and pain around my sinus's lightened significantly, the yearly allergies and sinus infections have more Rx needed!
- the tightness and pull around and under my right shoulder blade is obsolete! No more waking up in pain, no more waking up with a numb arm!

I have been prescribed medication for my thyroid for nearly 10 years now, and knew that with all the other good results occuring, I should have my thyroid checked! My D.O. has called twice within the last 2 months and has had to lower the dosage amount each time! I attribute this to two causes -
1. praying God's Word and
2. NUCCA! Thank you for the gift of NUCCA.

I look forward to additional good reports!
Tulsa, Oklahoma
Fibromyalgia & TMJ
In 2001, a friend of mine who has also been diagnosed with fibromyalgia, told me about a Doctor in Tulsa she had been going to who had helped her with her symptoms. I was diagnosed about 5 years ago and have been having alot of painful symptoms and nothing seemed to help! I also have been suffering with TMJ pain for over 30 years. Surgery and thousands of dollars in dental bills have not alleviated my pain. I had pretty much given up on getting help.

My thoughts were that maybe Dr. Trapp could help me with my fibromyalgia. I have tried several types of chiropractic care and gotten temporary help. The problems with pain and stiffness would subside for a short time but we didn't seem to be reaching for a "GOAL". After meeting with Dr. Trapp, I was happy to learn that indeed we had a goal in mind. If and when we reach that goal, I might just stay there! I could see from the x-rays that I did have a problem and Dr. Trapp was willing to try to fix the problem. NOT JUST FIX THE SYMPTOMS!

After the first few treatments, my jaw (TMJ problem) quit hurting. I was amazed! For the first time in 30 years I could be without pain for a few days, then weeks, and now almost a month. Now I have occasional pain but not anything like before. NUCCA works!

As for my fibromyalgia, I am alot better overall and more able to cope with everyday things. I also feel calmer and more mentally adjusted. Fluid retention was another problem NUCCA has solved for me. My quality of life has greatly improved. I would recommend NUCCA and Dr. Trapp to anyone with a TMJ problem or Fibromyalgia.
Ft. Smith, Arkansas
Trapp Kids
We have 3 grown children. All three have been NUCCA patients since a very early age. When DEVIN was 2-1/2, he had chronic ear infections and was on medication for asthma. I was not yet a chiropractor but I was an upper cervical chiropractic patient. The medical doctors recommended that tubes be put in Devin's ears. Rather than allow that surgery, we opted to get Devin checked for a spinal misalignment by my NUCCA chiropractor. A misalignment was found and Devin's spine was corrected. Immediately the ear infections cleared up and they stayed gone! He was taken off the asthma medication because no more signs existed. Devin was a 10-lb. baby delivered by C-section.

RACHAEL was born while we were living in Davenport, IA, and I attended Palmer College of Chiropractic there. Rachael was a breach presentation and the doctor opted for a last minute C-section delivery. At birth they determined that she had a dislocated hip. She was put into a soft brace which held her legs in a bent-knee position so that she could not extend her legs and could not disturb the hip socket while it continued for form and harden. She was not a very happy baby in this brace. At nine weeks old, we were able to come home to Oklahoma and get her adjusted by our NUCCA chiropractor here. Although the medical doctors wanted the brace left on another 3 weeks, we took it off and let her go. The x-rays showed the hip socket was fine and she finally started smiling and sleeping for the first time.

WILL was born in the usual manner. No mishaps, no C-section. But Will had a noticeable Torticollis of the neck, which might have been the result of the position he was in in the womb for the last few months. He could not lay with his head straight at all. It drew to one side, and always lying with his head in that position caused his soft skull to flatten slightly on the pressured side. By this time, we knew exactly what to do and now I was the chiropractor to do it! Will was adjusted at 7 weeks of age. The neck muscles relaxed and he could finally hold his head straight.

Chiropractic is for children! We are adamant about this. So many children are medicated unnecessarily or suffer needlessly. All 3 kids played sports in school. They DO have incidents which cause their spines to misalign again. We periodically check them to see if they are "out of adjustment". They can usually tell us if they are, even before they are examined. They sometimes ask to be checked. With the exception of a short round of antibiotics to allow Will back in daycare quicker so Debbie could help run the practice, none of our kids have been given antibiotics. They don't need it. If they get sick, they get corrected and rest, and the next day they are better.

Chiropractic works. Give it a try for your kids' sake.
Dr. T and Debbie
Broken Arrow, Oklahoma
Herniated Discs
In 2002, I was stopped waiting for another vehicle to enter a parking place when a young man looking for his cell phone rammed into the back of my old Lincoln. The impact bent the frame of the car and seriously injured my frame as well. As my foot was on the brake, my pelvis was shifted...and the impact created constant neck spasms and debilitating pain.

I followed the traditional medicine paths. I went to the ER as directed by my PCP. I sought the skills of traditional chiropractic three times a week just to keep going. My PCP evidently doubted the severity of my pain for it took over a year before he ordered an MRI which revealed herniated discs in my neck. I took pain medications and muscle relaxers...I went to physical therapy and massage therapy. And I continued to hurt. Daily for over two years I barely made it through each work day and came home to use moist heat, ice, and take meds and go directly to bed. Being horizontal was the only time I found much relief from my conditions. Basically, my entire very active life came to a screeching halt.

....My massage therapist suggested that I try Upper Cervical Chiropractic for she had benefitted from this treatment.....I read the literature which made absolute sense to me. If my neck was out of place, signals from my brain to the rest of my body could not get through, therefore, my body was not healing itself as I had trusted.

Dr. Trapp took the X-rays, took the measurements, made the calculations and gave me my first Upper Cervical Adjustment on a Friday. I woke up that next Saturday morning WITHOUT PAIN for the first time in over two years. I realize that this sounds miraculous, but that is exactly what happened to me. At this time I have been continuing to have adjustments with Dr. Trapp about once or twice a month rather than my previous three times a week.

I am delighted to share that on the whole I am much better than I was a year ago and even am able to perform many chores without pain. Of course, sometimes I over-do and have a set-back, but I have learned my limits...limits which have diminished with Dr. Trapp's continued care....This treatment has made the world of difference in my recovery ....and in my life!
Tahlequah, Oklahoma
Neck & Back Pain
I came to this office with several kinds of pain in my body. I began to have headaches more often due to the pain in my neck and shoulders. Then there was the pain down my left leg, which was connected to the pain in my lower back.

My husband tried to get me to go to a chiropractor for many years. I refused to go because of the pain I had received from another doctor. I said, "I have enough pain of my own, I don't need someone else to add more!!!"

But I heard about the special chiropractic procedure called NUCCA....there was no twisting, or popping involved in this. Just a slight pressure to the cervical area...I was not afraid to go to Dr. Trapp.

I was so impressed by the accuracy of the x-rays and the special mathematics involved to inform Dr. Trapp where the adjustment needs to be. I couldn't believe what I felt when he adjusted me the first time. All of the pressure in my neck was released and I felt this release sensation down through my chest, into my intestines area and then down to my toes. It was wonderful!

Within a short period of time (and I might add not many office visits) I was pain free!!!...Soon I began to know when my body needed an adjustment. Now I may need an adjustment every 6-8 months.

I'm so thankful of the day I stepped into Dr. Trapp's office and received the help I needed. He truly has a heart to help people....Thank you Dr. Trapp for being here for us!!!
Missionary to Eastern Europe
Living in Warsaw, Poland

Ft. Smith, Arkansas

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